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Neck and shoulder pain from your lower back muscles.  Do you know why?



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Dooyoung Lee, LMP/Certified Health Coach /Aroma Touch Techinque Certified.

Dooyoung has been successfully helped his clients release their body pain and stiffness for more than 12 years. His massage style is unique, he takes the best of time honored methods used for thousands of years in Asia, and combineds them with modern deep tissue therapeutic massage techniques.  This provides each client with a unique experience that will relax muscles, relieve pain and get the chi energy flowing.  He specializes in lower back pain, mid-back and leg pain. 

Dooyoung is a certified health coach and enhances each session by providing individualized counseling for improving overalll health and wellbeing.  Physical pain can be greatly diminished by massage, but its beneficial effects are magnified by the health guidance.  Dooyoung provides many other health information: for improving diet, increasing daily activities and exercise.  It is well known that these all work together to boost the immune system, releasing pain, increasing energy, and improve overall health.

Dooyoung is certified as a Aroma Touch Technique therapiest.  During his massage, he applies essential oils to release more of the body's toxins, decrease stress, enhance the immune system and create homeostasis (balance).

Please come and see what Dooyoung can do for you!

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